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WHIZeCargo provides a fully integrated software modules for Airfreight operations that is capable of satisfying all the complex requirements of this mode of transport including imports or exports, direct shipments, consols, back-to-backs, handovers or co-loads. The wide range of operational functions that are available can make a major contribution to improving accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Air exports module includes all of the facilities required to rate and cut Airway bills at both Master and House level, and to be used with neutral airway-bills and automatically allocated master airway bill (MAWB) numbers.

Key Features:

  • User-definable field types cater different kind of user requirements.
  • Flexible and fast consignment inquiry, quotation and booking screens. The system allows the entry of dimensions and calculates dimensional weight and chargeable weight.
  • Built-in but alterable master database of airlines, airports, countries, currencies.
  • Full credit control checking at key stages of booking and consignment.
  • Templates for quotation and booking to support repeat shipments.
  • Convert inquiry into Quotations to Consignments with seamless data transfer.
  • Users can enter IATA published rates and rates for each airline/route/classification.
  • Automatic pricing for rates and cost estimates.
  • Key information transfer automatically from Customer Relationship Module (CRM) database into inquiry, quotation, booking and consignment records.
  • Memo and follow-up to be recorded on the job file.
  • Fast-build facilities allow for effective management of  direct shipments and consolidations.
  • Comprehensive consignment progress enquiry facility, including user-defined milestones.
  • Extensive search facilities using different filters including AWB no, shipper, consignee, origin, destination, airline, etc. thus enabling easy retrieval of inquiry, quotation, booking, consignments and available cargo.
  • Variety of printed documents, including master airway bills, house airway bills, labels, barcode labels, collection/delivery notes, pre-alerts, arrival advices, routing order, manifests invoices etc. Air Waybills are printed on pin fed pre-printed stock or on plain paper. All printed documents and manifests may be sent directly from the system via fax or e-mail.
  • EDI facility to submit airway bills to airlines and to perform electronic data transactions with shippers/agents
  • The customer/agent/shipper/consignee log-in allows tracking by airline, airway bill, date, shipper, shipper's reference and destination. Multiple shipper's references are tracked per shipment. Shippers can access a limited subset of this data. They are restricted to their own shipments and have no access to accounting data, costs, etc.
  • Variety of operational management reports including sales reporting functions for all airlines and airway bill inventory.

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