WHIZTEC White Papers

Welcome to the White Papers section of the WHIZTEC library. In this section you will find a collection of white papers ranging from business management topics related to Shipping & Logistics, Supply Chain Management and WHIZTEC products and solution features. All of these documents require approval from WHIZTEC Sales team prior to download.

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Freight Forwarding Business Management with WHIZeCargo

WHIZeCargo provides a comprehensive platform to manage the full freight forwarding business process life-cycle starting from marketing to inquiry, quotation, booking, job, cost sheet, invoice and collections. This white paper provides an overview of WHIZeCargo Enterprise resource system for the Freight Forwarders and explains some of the key differentiators between WHIZeCargo and competitive solutions.

Internet based Shipping Line Operations

Is it possible to run the shipping line business 100% online? The focus of this paper is helping you figure out how to run your shipping line business online. This white paper explains how to create and manage agents, control pricing, avoid getting cheated by the agents, track your containers, track your receivable and payables, all online using your desktop/notebook/Blackberry/any PDA. WHIZTEC shipping line solution offers the freedom and flexibility to manage your business online with less manpower but more efficiently.

WHIZTEC Human Capital Management

Human capital is defined as the time, personal skills, capabilities, experiences, and knowledge of the individual. Human capital is obtained through a variety of means - formal education, job training, on-the-job learning, and life experiences. Employees bring their human capital to the job, and in return, the job rewards the human capital investment though pay, benefits, intrinsic job satisfaction, recognition for good performance, and opportunities to learn and advance in the organization. WHIZTEC HCM (Human Capital Management) offers comprehensive human resource management capabilities, from workforce management to compensation and talent management. Extensive business process automation and rich self-service enables organizations to free up their HR teams to perform value-added services while reducing operational costs.